AMU governance members: approval by the Board on 14/01/2020

The members of the Board of Directors, at its meeting of 14 January 2020 at 2.15 p.m., approved the list of Vice-Presidents and Advisors proposed by Eric Berton, President of Aix-Marseille University.

Eric Berton thus surrounds himself with a new governance composed as mentioned below :

1. Statutory Vice-Presidents

Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors: Maryline CRIVELLO
Vice-President Research: Philippe DELAPORTE
Vice-President Training: Lionel NICOD
Student Vice President: Aurélie TANGUY

 2. Functional Vice-Presidents

Vice-President for Partnership with the Socio-Economic World: Romain LAFFONT
Vice-President in charge of International Relations: Giovanna CHIMINI
Vice-President Communication: Patrice VANELLE
Vice-President Legal and Institutional Affairs: Vincent EGEA
Vice-President Sustainable Development: Mariane DOMEIZEL
Vice-President for Gender Equality and Anti-Discrimination: Isabelle REGNER
Vice-President Culture and Scientific Heritage: Nicolas CLAIRE
Vice-President, Campus Life, Quality of Life at Work and Workplace Safety: Jean-Louis MORO
Vice President in charge of Digital: Serge AMABILE

3. Deputy Vice-Presidents

Reporting to the President:

Vice-president in charge of health: Nicolas ANDRE
Deputy Vice-President for Health and Disability: Laurent BENSOUSSAN
A*Midex Deputy Vice President: Denis BERTIN
Associate Vice President for Science and Biology: Sophie CHAUVET
Deputy Vice-President for Sport: Isabelle DIMEGLIO
Deputy Vice-President Science and Technology: Stefan ENOCH
Associate Vice-President Law-Economics: Ariel MENDEZ
Associate Vice-President Arts, Letters, Languages and Human Sciences: Christine POPLIMONT
Deputy Vice-President for Quality: Isabelle POULIQUEN

Reporting to the Vice President of Research:

Deputy Vice-President for Territorial Innovation Poles: Angela BARTHES
Vice-President in charge of valorisation and innovation: Françoise DIGNAT-GEORGE

Reporting to the Vice President Training:

Vice President, Initial Training: Sophie De CACQUERAY
Delegate Vice President for Continuing Education and Work-Study: Eric VALERIO
Vice-president in charge of vocational guidance and integration: Anne RIBAUD
Delegate Vice-President ICSB: Pascale BRANDT-POMARES
Vice-presidency delegated approach by competence: Bruno FOTI

Reporting to the Vice-President in charge of International Relations:

Vice-President in charge of mobility and partnership development: Jean-François MARCHI

Reporting to the Vice President in charge of Digital:

Vice-president in charge of digital infrastructures and artificial intelligence for research: Mustapha OULADSINE.

4. Advisors to the President

Jean-Philippe AGRESTI
JeanMarc PONS
Robert FOUCHET, Culture Advisor