ANR - Generic call - 2021

1 December 2020

The Generic call - 2021 is structured in 50 research axes, each corresponding to a Scientific Evaluation Committee (CES). Researchers, when submitting a project, choose the scientific axis, and consequently the scientific evaluation committee, most closely related to the scientific objectives of their project. This choice cannot be modified during the selection process.

  • 37 research axes are presented within 7 disciplinary fields: environmental sciences, energy and material sciences, digital sciences, life sciences, humanities and social sciences, mathematics and their interactions, and physics of matter, high energy, planet-universe.
  • 13 research axes correspond to transversal (trans- or interdisciplinary) issues.

Submission Schedule

Step I   


  • End of October 2020 - Opening of the Step I submission site for JCJC (Young Researchers), PRC (Collaborative Research Projects - National), PRCE (Collaborative Research Projects - Opening to the Business World) and PRCI (Collaborative Research Projects - International) projects registration
  • December 1, 2020 - Closing of the submission site Step I
  • March 2021 - Notification of Stage 1 results

Step II

March 2021  - Opening of the submission site for JCJC, PRC, PRCE and PRCI projects
End of April 2021 - Closing of the submission site
June 2021 - Right of reply to expert opinions
End of July 2021 - Notification of first results of JCJC, PRC and PRCE projects

July/September 2021 - Contractualization of selected projects


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