Antarctic marine biodiversity and global changes Stakeholders

24 April 2019

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Pierre Chevaldonné, ecologist and diver at the Mediterranean Institute of Biodiversity and Marine and Continental Ecology, Director of Research at the CNRS.

Executive Summary

We know quite well what Antarctica looks like from afar: a white ice desert where very rare species are able to survive for a few months a year. But underwater, that's another story! The diversity of species, colours and landscapes is extraordinary all year round. However, there too, global changes are underway. Come break the ice and cross over to the other side of the mirror with us on Wednesday, April 24.

Wednesday, April 24, 2019 - 7:00 pm

Endoume Marine Station - Chemin de la Batterie des Lions, 13007 Marseille

Practical information

Information: 06 17 09 86 86 43
Bus 83 - ENDOUME stop