Call for projects Southern Region "Jobs for Young Doctoral Students".

13 March 2020

The funding policy for research and higher education implemented by the Region has been refocused on economic development and support for employment. Thus, the regional policy of support for doctoral students has been strongly redirected in favour of projects carried out in partnership with companies and closely linked to strategic sectors, which are the driving force behind regional economic development.

What are the objectives?

This new call for applications therefore adopts three main guidelines, which will define the major objectives targeted by this scheme:

To contribute to regional policy in the field of Innovation, by supporting projects that are part of the Strategic Sectors;
To make the scheme part of a logic of employment and professional integration;
To promote the valorization of research results towards the regional economic, social and cultural worlds and to reinforce the international influence of Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur;

How does it work?

Between January 1st and the second Friday of March each year:
Sending applications by mail (the postmark will be taken as proof: any application after the deadline will be rejected);
Sending of additional documents by electronic means.
No later than the last Friday of August of the year in which the application is submitted:
Transmission to the Region by electronic means of information concerning the applicants associated with the projects preselected by the Region.
Validation of applications by the Region's training department upon receipt of the information concerning the applicant, subject to the applicant's eligibility. In the absence of an applicant on the date specified, the application will be rejected.


Each project must involve a student, a research laboratory and a socio-economic partner.

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