Congratulations to David Nerini (EMBIO Team) who supported his HDR on November 22, 2019

It was in front of a well-filled amphitheatre that David brilliantly presented his HDR on the following subject: "Contributions for data processing in oceanography: methodological developments and applications in functional data analysis".

Its jury was composed of the following women:
- Liliane BEL, PR, AGROPARIS-TECH (Spatial Statistics, Ecology)[rapporteur] - Hervé CARDOT, PR, Univ. of Burgundy, (Statistics & Probability, Functional Statistics)[rapporteur] - Robert SABATIER, PR, Univ. de Montpellier, (Multivariate statistics, Data analysis)[rapporteur] - Claire SARAUX, CR, CNRS Strasbourg (Quantitative ecology, ethology)[examiner] - Nicolas BEZ, DR, IRD Sète (Spatial statistics, ecology, fisheries)[examiner] - Valérie MICHOTEY, PR, AMU (Microbilogy, ecology)[examiner] - Jean-Christophe POGGIALE, PR, AMU (dynamic systems, ecology)[sponsor]

All the staff of the MIO congratulate him very warmly