Congratulations to the new MIO doctor Emmrick Saulia (CYBELE team)

He defended his thesis on Monday 29 April at 9am (metropolitan time) in Noumea on the following subject: "Diazotrophic cyanobacteria in the South Pacific: seasonal variability, morpho-genetic/chemical characterization and recovery potential".


- Prof. Thomas Olivier University Professor, NUI, Galway

- Dr. Dupouy Cécile Research Fellow HDR, IRD, MIO


- Dr. Colin Fabrice Research Director, IRD, CEREGE

- Dr. Lebouvier Nicolas Senior Lecturer HDR, UNC


- Dr. Bonnet Sophie Research Director, IRD, MIO

- Dr. Hnawia Edouard Senior Lecturer HDR, IRD

 Executive Summary

The Southwest Pacific and New Caledonia are characterized by particularly high abundances and diversity of microalgae, most of which are identified as cyanobacteria. Among these cyanobacteria, some have the ability to fix atmospheric nitrogen (N2), and are called diazotrophic cyanobacteria. These organisms are also known to contain in varying proportions high value-added metabolites and nutrients that give them potential for economic development that may be of interest to New Caledonia. Several of these cyanobacteria have been isolated in the coastal waters of New Caledonia and the offshore waters of the Southwest Pacific, but the capacity of these organisms is still unknown. With a view to a better knowledge of diversity and possible economic valorisation, the objectives of this doctoral work were (i) to study the seasonal variability of the diversity/activity of diazotrophic cyanobacteria in the Nouméa lagoon, (i) to carry out a morpho/ genetic and proteomic characterisation of isolated study strains and (iii) to evaluate their valorisation potential.

All the staff of the MIO congratulate him warmly.