Oxygen dynamics: construction of an oxygen optode calibration platform

The oxygen optode calibration platform measurement has been developed to validate the data provided by the large spatial and temporal scale optodes with sufficient resolution.

Contacts for any information or calibration request

Principle of Operation


The Calibration Station consists of a tank with a capacity of 10L, which can simultaneously accommodate 4 optodes (including our reference optode). This tank is equipped with a double jacket connected to a thermostat bath which allows us to regulate the temperature of the tank. We have a pressure sensor in the tank and a second one outside which allows us to correct the pressure. Gas regulation is carried out by 2 flowmeters (an N2 flowmeter and an O2 flowmeter) coupled to a mixing chamber.

An oxygen analyzer is placed at the gas outlet which allows us to check our gas concentration. Winkler samples are taken to validate the bearings.