Danièla Banaru (EMBIO) will support her HDR on January 31, 2020 at 8:00 am in Amphi Océanomed, Océanomed Pole, Luminy Campus.

Tutor: François Carlotti, CNRS Research Director

Title: Structure and Functioning of Marine Ecosystems: Trophic Analysis, Modelling and Contamination


The study of marine food webs has become increasingly important in recent years due to the need to implement an ecosystem approach to management, which requires management decisions to be based on a comprehensive knowledge of all ecosystem components. Trophic interactions are particularly important for understanding the functioning of ecosystems and influence the flows of material and energy between primary producers and all consumers. Focused on marine trophic ecology, my research activities are at the interface between the biology and ecology of organisms, trophic modelling and chemistry (biochemistry and contaminants). They approach ecosystems with an end-to-end socio-ecosystemic approach ranging from forcing environmental parameters on phyto and zooplankton to top predators including humans. The impact of human activities such as fishing and contamination have been, in all the studies I have worked on (North-East Atlantic, North-West Mediterranean and Black Sea), major elements that I have taken into consideration in the functioning of exploited coastal and offshore ecosystems.