European Polar Program and White Papers on Polar Research

The European Polar Research Program has just been finalized.

It constitutes the major deliverable of the European project EU-PolarNet completed in June 2020, a project in which the CNRS and the French Polar Institute were partners on the French side, with the CNRS coordinating the "science" work package of the project.

The recommendations elaborated in this Program, also expressed in the white papers, should largely inspire the programming of polar research within the "Horizon Europe" framework program.

The CNRS has strongly contributed to the elaboration of this document, both in terms of writing the chapters and in their proofreading and editorial coordination.

Marie-Noëlle Houssais (CNRS representative within the EU-PolarNet project)
for the WG "Polar and sub-polar research" of the CNRS

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