FUMSECK: colored beads and cytometry!

The FUMSECK team has taken shelter from the storm raging in the Ligurian Sea and took advantage of the calm offered by the Bay of Villefranche to meticulously prepare an unique experience on Monday, May 6, 2019: inject biodegradable colored beads over an area of 100m x 100m, 15m deep, and try to detect them by cytometry.
The experiment will take place in four stages: pumping the water at 15 m, mixing this water with the beads and dye, injecting the mixture at 15m, then detecting it with a CTD and pumping it onboard towards the cytometer. The injected zone will be located using Lagrangian drifting buoys detected onboardby satellite.
Before this experiment, the team has an appointment with the MIO glider, which will have completed its mission of monitoring the trace of the Sentinel satellite and characterized the waters of the area identified for the release of beads.