IRD: Philippe Charvis is appointed Deputy Director for Science

Philippe Charvis is appointed Deputy Director for Science, reporting to the President and CEO, Valérie Verdier.

Director of Research at IRD, geophysicist, Philippe Charvis has worked on seismic hazard in Ecuador, Algeria and the Lesser Antilles arc as well as on magmatism associated with hot spots. He was director of the UMR Geoazur, vice-president of the scientific council of the Observatoire de la Côte d'Azur and president of the "Earth and telluric planets" section of the national committee for scientific research.

Philippe Charvis has led numerous scientific projects and nearly ten marine geophysical campaigns in the Indian Ocean, the Caribbean and the Pacific. Throughout his career, he has developed underwater observation systems such as the seabed seismometer park of UMR Géoazur and the underwater observatory off the coast of Nice. He is currently coordinating the ANR REMAKE project on probabilistic earthquake prediction in Ecuador with the Institute of Geophysics of the Polytechnic School of Quito.

In October 2015, he was appointed director of the DISCO department, whose priority themes are climate change, water resources, natural hazards and risks, and mineral resources and their impact on the environment. In this capacity, he contributes to the development of a new dynamic for the Institute aiming at a better visibility of IRD's priorities in the national research system, and a better consideration of the international development agenda with our institutional partners in the South.

As Deputy Director for Science, Philippe Charvis will be in charge of participating in the elaboration of the IRD's scientific strategy, ensuring its general coordination, and supporting the President and CEO in the coordination of the Science pole which is at the heart of the Institute's organization.

It will first carry out a review of the operation of the Science Pole and its programs, particularly the interdisciplinary and partnership structuring programs (PSIP), with the objectives of reinforcing the actions of the Science Pole in terms of scientific and partnership strategy, increasing its visibility internally and with the main national and international partners, and consolidating its interactions with the Development and Support Poles.

Philippe Charvis will take up his new position as D2S while remaining attached to his research structure, UMR Geoazur.