Marc Tedetti, first winner of the 2019 Cédric Garnier Prize

The laboratory's Executive Committee met on May 7, 2019 to review the applications for the MIO Cedric Garnier Prize.

Considering the excellent quality of his scientific work and his investment in the laboratory for the community, the Executive Committee awarded Marc Tedetti this prize for the year 2019.

The entire MIO congratulates him and thanks him for his contribution to the laboratory. This prize, endowed with 2000 €, will be officially awarded to him during the M I O day on May 21. Marc will give a 10-minute presentation of his recent work to MIO colleagues.

Presentation of the winner:

Marc Tedetti, IRD researcher at the Mediterranean Institute of Oceanology (MIO) is a "biogeochemist" oceanographer. He is interested in the dynamics of hydrocarbons in the marine environment. He is currently on assignment in Tunisia, at the Sfax Biotechnology Centre (CBS) as part of the IRD's "COSYS-Med" international joint laboratory (LMI), which is dedicated to studying the impact of anthropogenic pressures on South Mediterranean marine ecosystems. With its Tunisian partners, it is trying to 1) assess the levels of hydrocarbon concentrations in different environmental "matrices" (water, sediments, air), 2) identify the main routes of entry of these hydrocarbons into the coastal environment (wadis, effluents, atmospheric deposits, maritime activities,...), and 3) understand the processes that these compounds undergo once they reach the sea (degraded by bacteria, accumulated in food chains, deposited in sediments, photodegraded,...). He is particularly interested in the Gulf of Gabès, which is a unique ecosystem in the Mediterranean (high tidal range, shallow water, high biological production and diversity, impact of atmospheric deposition), and which also represents Tunisia's main fishing area.