May 21, 2019: Presentation of the Cedric Garnier Prize and MIO Doctoral Students' Day

Tuesday, May 21, starting at 10 a.m. in the OCEANOMED amphitheatre. We will have:

- Presentation of the first Cedric Garnier 2019 Prize to Marc Tedetti, MIO/IRD Research Officer (CEM team). On this occasion, Marc will present us with a 10-minute presentation of his recent work.
- MIO Doctoral Students' Day: presentation of thesis work, primarily for the 2nd year (however, if there are volunteers from the 1st and 3rd years, they are obviously welcome). Format: 3-minute oral presentation. Presentations should be sent to Pascal Lesage in pdf format on May 20.
- Poster session for doctoral students in the hall of the Mediterranean building.
- Finally, from 12 p.m., the traditional MIO picnic in the main hall of the SAM where everyone will bring their own salty/sugar contribution.

The people in charge of organizing this event are Cristéle Chevalier, Anne Casanova, Natascha Schmidt and Macha Petrova