For a Mediterranean Sea Zero Plastic

17 January 2020

Call for projects - For the fourth consecutive year, the South Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur Region is launching its call for projects "For a Zero Plastic Mediterranean" aimed at supporting exemplary initiatives and actions to protect natural areas and the Mediterranean Sea from macro waste and plastic pollution.

This call for projects clearly shows the ambition to encourage all stakeholders, from local authorities to the associative world, via companies and traders or the world of research, to mobilise for the preservation of our territory, which is so rich and plural, but threatened. This system thus makes it possible to implement the flagship measure of the Climate Plan "A Zero Plastic Region in 2030".
Every day, France discharges 66 tonnes of plastic waste into Mediterranean waters and the vast majority of the approximately 130,000 tonnes of micro-plastics per year end up in the Mediterranean Sea. In addition to the major environmental problem that this pollution poses, plastic pollution also causes public health and socio-economic problems, the extent of which is not yet known.

Objectives of the project

The regional call for projects will support projects aimed at deploying innovative and environmentally friendly containers in nomadic and collective catering, integrated approaches to watershed protection, new tools or processes for collecting, tracking and tracing plastic waste in natural environments and study and research projects on pollution by micro-plastics.

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