The MIO launches the 1st "Cédric Garnier" Award of Excellence

The Cédric GARNIER Award of Excellence is awarded each year in May by the MIO laboratory. It was created to honour the memory of Cédric GARNIER and the values he embodied: excellence, scientific rigour, for the development of innovative, original or remarkable scientific research in oceanography.
A research professor at the University of Toulon within the Mediterranean Institute of Oceanology (MIO), a specialist in analytical chemistry in the environment, Cédric GARNIER combined a high scientific level, experimental rigour, generosity and great humanity. This prize rewards a young MIO researcher for his work that combines Cédric's scientific quality, multidisciplinarity and human values.
1. Conditions of participation
Be under 40 years of age on the date of filing the application.
The significant results taken into consideration for the Cédric GARNIER Award of Excellence must have been achieved at the MIO, and valued in the form of a publication in the last two years, with MIO as its affiliation.
In addition to scientific excellence, the Executive Committee will pay particular attention to the candidate's integration and investment in the MIO collective, interdisciplinarity and inter-team.
The deadline for submitting the application is May 2 inclusive.
2. Competition procedure
The applications will be examined by two COMEX rapporteurs. At a plenary meeting, the Executive Committee will decide on the winner.
3. Endowment
The winner of the Cedric GARNIER Award of Excellence will receive the equivalent of 2000 Euros, a certificate, and will present his or her work at the award ceremony at the MIO annual meeting to be held on 21/05.
4. Application process
To participate, the candidate must send his or her complete application by email before the 02/05/2019 inclusive, last deadline, to the address: with a copy to the team leaders.
The complete file must include the following documents:
- A detailed CV highlighting the jury's criteria
- A synthetic and scientific presentation of the main results (1 page)
- The completed and signed registration form
- Two most significant articles related to the work (in.pdf format)