News from the FUMSECK Cruise !


The oceanographers of the FUMSECK* mission criss-cross the Gulf of Genoa by testing in situ measuring instruments to study currents and biology on a small scale. The good weather allowed the deployment of the MVP towed probe and the MIO glider, the flow cytometers continuously analyze plankton, and the first vertical velocity measurement stations generated enthusiasm and satisfaction from all. In addition, today, at noon sharp, the scientific team held a summit meeting with the Sentinel satellite, whose track they had been tracking since the morning for field validation of its data.

On board

Stéphanie Barrillon (Head of Mission), Andrea Doglioli, Jean-Louis Fuda, Gérald Grégori, Melilotus Thyssen (soon on board), Roxane Tzortzis (MIO), Hubert Bataille (IRD headquarters) and Stéphane Guiomar (GENAVIR).

On the ground

Nagib Bhairy, Anne Petrenko, Anaïs Ricout (MIO), and Francesco d'Ovidio (LOCEAN).


This work is part of the BioSWOT project supported by the CNES (PI F. d'Ovidio, LOCEAN-IPSL, co-PIs A.M. Doglioli and G. Grégori, MIO).