Visit to MIO of François Houllier, President of IFREMER and an IFREMER delegation

On Friday 26 June in the afternoon, an IFREMER delegation led by its CEO, François Houllier, visited the MIO.

The rich and fruitful discussions focused mainly on :

- Research Federation project between MIO and IFREMER

- CPER file

- EQUIPEX files

- scientific research collaboration between the two institutes.

The afternoon ended with a tour of our facilities.

State of World Fisheries Publication

The world fisheries situation, published every two years by the United Nations (FAO), is available here :

It's fresh, and it's still in English. But usually a French version follows.

A good summary is available here:

Enjoy your reading.

A new administrative manager at the MIO, Caroline Fabre

Caroline Fabre (, IGE AMU and new administrative manager of the MIO replacing Thu Bizat, took up her position on Monday 15 June 2020.
Caroline Fabre will gradually contact the various departments of the UMR. Thu Bizat is at the M I O again this week and is tiling with Caroline Fabre.

The abyss hides a world of light

In the vastness of the ocean, after 100 meters of depth, cold and darkness reign as absolute masters. Distances are infinite. How to communicate in these conditions? The people of the abyss, creatures with strange shapes defying the imagination, manage to do so by means of bioluminescence: to feed themselves, to repel a predator or to reproduce. Off the coast of Toulon, passionate researchers are deploying sophisticated equipment in the depths to observe how the organisms living there relate to each other.

Congratulations to Alain Fuménia (CYBELE team) who defended his thesis by videoconference on Wednesday, June 03, 2020

On the following topic: Spatial and temporal dynamics of particulate organic biomass synthesized in a region strongly influenced by atmospheric nitrogen fixation (OUTPACE oceanographic campaign in the tropical southwest Pacific)

The entire staff warmly congratulates Alain . In the photo, he is surrounded by Anne Petrenko, co-director and Thierry Moutin, thesis director.



Ocean Festival

The MIO will take part in the Ocean Festival on Saturday 6 June 2020 at the Tropical Aquarium of the Palais de la Porte Dorée on

Impact of cigarette butts on microbial diversity and dissolved trace metals in coastal marine sediment

Researchers from the Mediterranean Institute of Oceanology (MIO) and the National Institute of Marine Science and Technology (INSTM) have set themselves the objective of assessing the impact of cigarette butts on the diversity of microorganisms and the release of metals into the marine environment in Tunisia.

Kick off of the Virtual meeting of the European JPI-Ocean project ANDROMEDA

The Kick off of the Virtual Meeting of the European JPI-Ocean ANDROMEDA project took place on 18 and 19 May 2020. This project focuses on the development of new analytical methods to detect micro- and nano-plastics in the marine environment and on the study of fragmentation and degradation of micro-plastics in the ocean.
Richard Sempéré, Natascha Schmidt, Vincent Fauvelle, Christian Grenz, Benjamin Oursel, Marc Garel, Laure Papillon, Emilie Strady, Francois Galgani, Olivia Gerigny represent MIO and IFREMER.


BioSWOT AdAC project accepted by NASA/CNES joint call


The BioSWOT AdAC project  (PI F.d'Ovidio, LOCEAN-IPSL, co-PIs A.M.Doglioli and G.Grégori, MIO) has been accepted by the NASA/CNES joint call.

Talking with an Arctic scientist

Watch today's live broadcast with Dr. Lars-Eric Heimbürger-Boavida, chemical oceanographer at the Mediterranean Institute of Oceanology (MIO) in Marseille. The opportunity for students to ask their questions live! #ArcticLive AXA Education Ocean