Lisa Tanet defended her thesis

Lisa Tanet (MEB team) defended her thesis on 7 May at 14:00 in a vioconference. Congratulations!

On the following topic: "Bacterial bioluminescence, from the oceans to Biolum-Archi: a fascinating biological phenomenon at the service of a model of sustainable Mediterranean habitat"...

Thesis Director: Christian Tamburini, CNRS Research Director
Co-director: Laurence Casalot, Research Fellow IRD


"The Covid-19 pandemic is closely linked to the issue of the environment."

The decline in biodiversity accelerating the emergence of viruses that are dangerous for human populations increases the risks of pathogen transmission and the emergence of associated diseases, sixteen leaders of scientific organizations said in a forum at "Le Monde".

The Arctic in transformation

Following two oceanographic expeditions to the Arctic in 2015 as part of the international GEOTRACES programme, researchers from the Woods hole oceanographic institution (WHOI) and their international colleagues1 found that significant amounts of carbon and trace elements from rivers and sediments on the continental shelf were being brought near the North Pole by transpolar drift, a major surface current. Associated with global warming, this input of nutrients and contaminants could alter phytoplankton productivity in the Arctic.

A patent for the MIO !

Marine ecology... what's that for?

Marine ecology today at MIO!
But... what is it? What's it for? Jean-Louis Jamet, a teacher-researcher at the MIO answers...

France-Morocco Cooperation: Interview with Renaud Fichez

Find the interview of Renaud Fichez representing the Institute of Research for Development (IRD) on Morocco-France cooperation.

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Psychological support measures adopted by our guardians



In this period of health crisis, you may find yourself confronted with new professional situations that can generate discomfort or psychological suffering. It is important that during this period you can receive the necessary support to help you.


The various MIO guardianships offer psychological support systems in addition to those of the MGEN below, which are accessible to all agents, including non-members:

Emilie Strady interviewed on the VTC 10 channel

Interview about plastics in Vietnam by Emilie Strady, scientist at MIO.


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Policy for hosting internships at the University of Toulon

On March 18, I informed you that all national internships that must be done face-to-face could no longer take place in host organizations.

Following the census carried out on Thursday 26 March in the Committee of Laboratory Directors, I would like to give you the general framework of our policy for hosting internships in our establishment.

Since the closure of all our campuses, research laboratories are inaccessible. However, our objective is to maintain, as much as possible, pedagogical continuity in the framework of internships.

Life of the Laboratory in Telework

In order to allow the reorganization of our laboratory in this new form, and to guarantee the continuity of the social link, the MIO invites its teams to develop their virtual communication channels.
While waiting for these to be set up, team members and platform members, permanent and non-permanent, students, are invited to contact their team leaders or managers at least once a week to discuss their professional situation, but also their state of health, if necessary.