OSCHAR - Structure and dynamics of the first trophic levels

Observing Submesoscale Coupling At High Resolution


The scientific objectives of the OSCAHR (Observing Submesoscale Coupling At High Resolution)project are to characterize a submesoscale dynamical structure and to study its influence on thedistribution of biogenic elements and on the structure and dynamics of the first trophic levelsassociated with it.

Our methodology includes the use of novel platforms of observation for sampling the ocean surfacelayer at a high spatial and temporal frequency. In particular, a MVP (Moving Vessel Profiler) isdeployed with CTD, Fluorescence and LOPC (Laser Optical Particle Counter) sensors.Furthermore, a new version of the automated flow cytometer is installed for real­time, high­throughput sampling of phytoplankton functional groups, from micro­phytoplankton down tocyanobacteria (including Prochlorococcus).

Two sources of seawater have been used in OSCAHR:along with the onboard surface water intake, a new pumping system is developed and tested inorder to sample the upper water column at one meter resolution.


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