TRANSMED/HYDROCHANGES - Climate change in the Mediterranean

Responsible : Isabelle Taupier - Letage - MIO


If you think that the Mediterranean is just plain blue and calm, look at the reality with the satellite thermal pictures: eddies and packs of entangled eddies actually fill the (sub)basins of the Mediterranean. Such (mesoscale) eddies induce a high variability of the currents in both time and space.

This complexity then puts oceanographers through an ordeal -and potentially leads to different analyses of the observations.

  • What do we know for certain on the water masses circulation (currents) in the Mediterranean nowadays?
  • Do all oceanographers agree on the circulations schemas?
  • What is the impact of climate change on the temperature and salinity of the Mediterranean?


Mediterranean evolution/Climate change

Come and dive to rescue scientific instruments stuck on the Mediterranean seafloor at 2300m deep with the ROV Victor 6000 !

February 2018 : recovery of the HydroChange anchorage set up in December 2003 in the central zone of the Gulf of Lions at 2300 m, to study the evolution of the characteristics of the deep water formed.

The scientific publication: Click here!