Paulo Duarte, Brazilian Visiting Professor at the MIO

Paulo Duarte is a Fisheries Engineer and holds a PhD in Biometrics and Applied Statistics from the Federal Rural University of Pernambuc (UFRPE) and in Sciences from the University of Antwerp.

He is currently a professor in the Department of Statistics and Informatics at UFRPE. Member of the Laboratory of Statistical and CompUtational Modelling of Complex Natural Phenomena (LACUNA-UFRPE), he is developing two main research axes:

 Image analysis, with an emphasis on the analysis and classification of shapes
 Inference and statistical and computational modelling of complex natural phenomena.

Among the phenomena studied, he is particularly interested in the study of morphological characteristics and growth of otoliths

He is at the MIO for one year, funded by Brazil (CAPES/PRINT/UFRPE), to work on this theme. He also wishes to promote new research collaborations with his MIO colleagues.