IUCN World Conservation Congress


September 3-11, 2021

A colorful IUCN Congress

Our laboratory proposed six workshops and many interventions in the debates !

Bathybot/Bathyreef stand - Bioluminescence - Virtual reality

Presentation of the Bathybot model - Christian Tamburini
Bathybot & Bathyreef models
Understanding the Bathybot project - Marc Garel
The young generation pilots Bathybot - Christian Tamburini
Jean Rougerie at the Bathybot booth exchanges with C. Tamburini
Bacteria make light! Bioluminescence
Understanding Bioluminescence - Laurie Casalot
Bioluminescence - In the heart of the Abyss - Gwenola Simon
Bioluminescence - Youth in the heart of the Abyss
Bioluminescence - In the heart of the Abyss - Gwenola Simon
Material verification - Severine Martini & Laurie Casalot
Let's go on a virtual trip with Bathybot! - Séverine Martini
Virtual reality - For all ages - Séverine Martini
Building Bathybot - A child's playground
Live virtual reality!

Polar Pod Stand

Model and Film Polar Pod
Understanding the Polar Pod project - Karine Leblanc
Understanding the Polar Pod project - Véronique Cornet
Presentation of the Polar Pod project
Polar Pod: the ecological ship!

Zooplankton Stand

Ready to go ! - François Carlotti & Théo Garcia
How do we sample? - Daniela Banaru
Zooplankton ? What is it? - François Carlotti
Zooplankton, its role in the ocean? - Javier Tesan
Budding researchers ! - Cédric Cotte

Planktomania Stand

Discovering plankton!
Ready for the adventure! - Caroline Vernette
Let's meet in the abyss! - Magali Lescot
Plankton in 3 D - Caroline Vernette
Planktonmania : plankton in VR - Magali Lescot

Exchanges & Round Tables : Our interventions

Biodiversity Dome IRD

Discover the mystery object !


Anne-Sophie Tribot, PhD student at MIO and TELEMMe presents the BiodivAcquArt Project: Historical ecology from artworks.


Biodiversity Dome IRD

Speed searching


Laurie Casalot, researcher at MIO, talks about Bioluminescence in the marine environment !



Biodiversity Dome IRD

Speed searching

Thomas Richard, doctoral student at MIO, talks about the BiodivAcquArt Project: Historical Ecology from Works of Art. Thomas Richard also spoke on the theme: "What if painting allowed us to understand past ecosystems?" as part of Research for Nature Conservation: Young Researchers Speak Out.



Marine kitchens and interdependencies: : Saupe qui peut !


Proposed by Parc national des Calanques

Towards a sustainable marine cuisine that takes into account the interdependencies between man and the sea. With Sandrine Ruitton and Daniela Banaru.


Research for nature conservation: young researchers have their say


Proposed by IMBE

Presentation by Lauric Reynes from MIO on "Connectivity, a key process for the maintenance of large brown algal forests".


Ma Region Sud Event - Zero Plastic


Joining forces, including research, stakeholders, industries and NGOs to be effective. Presentation by Richard Sempéré of MIO.



BiomimExpo : Architecture, Cities, Biodiversity and Biomimetics


Interventions of Christian Tamburini MIO, Jacques Rougerie and Olivier Bocquet Rougerie-Tangram and Clémentine Marie on the Bathybot project. Watch the live replay.



WASTE WE CAN - How to fight against plastic pollution of the seas and oceans? What are the issues? What actions can be taken?


Intervention of Mélanie Ourgaud - MIO. Watch the Live replay.



Abandoned, Lost Or Otherwise Discarded Fishing Gear, in french Mediterranean


Proposed by Office français de la biodiversité

Intervention of Sandrine Ruitton from MIO on the GhostMed Project.



Tara Ocean Foundation : scientific sentinel of the major issues of the marine ecosystem


Exchanges between Magali Lescot MIO and Romain Trouble Tara Ocean.


Photo Crédit : Osu Pytheas