The second kick-off meeting of the APERO program took place at the MIO from Monday 11 to Wednesday 13 July

APERO Program (Assessing marine biogenic matter Production, Export and Remineralization: from the surface to the dark Ocean, PI: L. Memery, C. Tamburini, L. Guidi)

This research program funded by ANR, LEFE and CNES, aims to understand the main pathways of organic matter export to the deep ocean at a site located in the Northeast Atlantic. The campaign, planned from June 5 to July 16, 2023, will mobilize two ships, the Pourquoi Pas? and the Thalassa, with the objective of combining vertical flux measurement experiments and coverage of biological and physical variability at the surface. This project will bring together diverse scientific communities working on physical processes, biogeochemical cycles and diversity (via observation, imaging and omics methods) ranging from viruses to small pelagics. The MIO will host for the occasion about 50 participants to this meeting of preparation of the campaigns.