Marine Environment Chemistry Analytical Platform - PACEM


The PACEM facility aims to assemble all the analytical skills in chemistry (elemental, inorganic, and organic chemistry) and use them to the study marine ecosystems via the research undertaken from the CEM and CYBELE teams and more generally the entire MIO. The facility provides the technical support for the scientific actions of the laboratory (i.e MIO projects) but also it is open to external partners via collaborative projects or simply in individuals/companies via its analytical service.

The PACEM facility has also an educational character via its training actions (i.e students, researchers) while it promotes a constant upgrade of its equipment.

PACEM activities include:

  • Equipment support and services to carry out environmental analyses.
  • Knowledge on the collection, processing and preparation of samples including analytical protocols.
  • Knowledge and support for field sampling.
  • Validation of results and transmission of data to the project PI;
  • Training and supervision (internal personnel, PhD students, CDD) for the use of analytical equipment.
  • Upgrade of equipement, development and optimization of methods in relation with research programs.
  • Participation in the writing of scientific articles.
  • Assistance to mount scientific projects and reply to analytical request from individuals (technical feasibility, costs, etc.).


The platform is located on two sites:

-  in Marseille: Mediterranean Institute of Oceanology MIO on the Luminy Campus on the 1st floor of the OCEANOMED Pacific building - 163 avenue de Luminy, box 901, 13288 MARSEILLE cedex 9.

-  in Toulon: MIO University of Toulon, level 1, Building R, avenue de l'Université 83130 La Garde.


The platform is organized into 4 analytical poles:

Scientific managers : Christos PANAGIOTOPOULOS and Patrick RAIMBAULT

Technical manager : Nicole Garcia

Presentation of the 4 poles