PTF Bioinformatics and Genomics - OMICS



Technical manager : Fabrice Armougom


OMICS provides analytical expertise in molecular biology and bioinformatics for the taxonomic characterization of prokaryotes in marine ecosystems. The molecular-biology core involves the extraction and quantification of genomic DNA, PCR and qPCR, DNA electrophoresis and cloning. The PTF is open to external users, and some of its equipment is included in an ISO 9001-2015 certified perimeter. Training is a component of the doctoral courses by ED 251 (Environmental Sciences).

Expert analyses in the bioinformatics core are provided in numerical ecology in relation to the characterization of biodiversity through high-volume sequencing. Training courses are also provided in the « Characterization of the taxonomic diversity of microbial ecosystems » based on a module for analyzing 16S data via QIIME. Other types of training may be offered on request.

The equipment of OMICS includes the following:

  • Devices for DNA extraction, Determination of nucleic acids, PCR or quantitative PCR equipment
  • Electrophoresis gels and microbiological safety stations (PSM) for the inoculation of cultures