PTF Microscopy et IMagery MIM





Technical Managers : Loic Guilloux & Véronique Cornet


PTF MIM offers a wide range of services in microscopy and image analysis.

MIM is specifically involved in the study of the structure of planktonic communities from bacterio-plankton to the zooplankton as well as the functional role of specific plankton groups (bacteria and phytoplankton). Recently expertise progressed for the determination of abundance and distribution of micro-plastics.

The available equipment includes:

  • 1 Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope.
  • 6 standard and 2 inversed microscopes (epifluorescence) and 4 equipped for imagery.
  • 1 inversed microscope equipped with a CCD camera.
  • few binocular loupes, 1 digital microscope (with camera and + HDMI monitor)
  • 2 ZooScan, 1 FlowCAM