The Water Agency launches the call for projects "Water and citizen participation"

31 January 2021


In the current context of climate change, the social demand to act as quickly as possible is constantly increasing. Participatory approaches involving citizens can be a response, particularly on water issues.

The Water Agency has historically supported projects aimed at ensuring balanced management of water resources and achieving or preserving the good state of aquatic environments: combating pollution, restoring rivers, wetlands and biodiversity, saving and sharing water, etc. These projects aim to implement the objectives and priorities defined by the SDAGE, while contributing to adaptation to climate change.

Convinced that citizen participation can be a powerful driving force for the development and implementation of ambitious policies and projects for water and aquatic environments, the Rhône Méditerranée Corse Water Agency wishes, through this call for projects, to encourage local authorities to test citizen actions and lead debates with the general public on water issues for their territory.

The projects supported will be primarily actions and experiments by the general public, prefiguring a move to action on a larger scale, on one or more of the water issues in the territory; but also debates of ideas around water issues (with experts, individual or collective contributions, actors of the territory, etc.).

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