Welcome to Anthony Bosse (OPLC) who joined the MIO on 06 January 2020.

After a PhD thesis followed by an ATER at the Pierre and Marie Curie University in Paris, then a postdoctoral contract at the University of Bergen in Norway, Anthony Bosse joined the MIO as CNAP Assistant Physicist in January 2020. His recruitment is part of the MOOSE National Observation Service (https://www.moose-network.fr/fr/), which aims to monitor the physical and biogeochemical properties of the north-western Mediterranean over the long term through a network of multi-scale and multi-platform (campaigns, moorings, gliders) observations.
Its research themes aim at characterizing - mainly from observations - the physical processes of horizontal (from the general circulation to the submesoscale) and vertical (subduction, microstructure turbulence) exchanges, as well as their impacts on biogeochemistry and biology. Its regions of interest are mainly the Mediterranean and the Nordic Seas. Anthony has participated in ten oceanographic campaigns from the subtropical Atlantic to the Arctic and the Mediterranean. He joins the OPLC team on the Luminy campus and his office is 26M101.
The entire MIO welcomes him.