Wishes 2020

A new year is beginning and the MIO is moving forward in its structuring. In 2019, the platform-based operation has been set up and the transversal axes are gradually being organised. They will still deserve our full attention in 2020 and will need to be consolidated. The TONGA campaign has just ended in the South Pacific Ocean and is moving towards a phase of analysis and exploitation of the results. It is also worth recalling that the success of the calls for projects was notable in 2019, since 31 projects were financed in 2019 out of the 62 submitted. Among others, success in the NRAs (Sargasso, JCJC, PRC, etc.), European projects, Inter-Reg and JPI-Ocean should be noted. We also note a very good publication dynamic. The new projects will occupy many of us, both permanent and contract staff, in 2020. I would also like to congratulate all our colleagues who have won awards for excellence in our discipline, such as those from the Academy of Sciences, the EGU, the Marine Academy and IAPSO, as well as our fellow engineers, technicians, researchers and teacher-researchers who have been promoted to a new grade by our supervisory bodies in 2019. For 2020, the Tunisian shipyard is relaunched with the renewal of LMI-Cosysmed; the other IRD shipyards in Vietnam, Fiji and Chile are being structured or perpetuated in Noumea. The CPER 2012-2027 'Inv-BioMed change' and the AMU 'Ocean Sciences Institute' projects are submitted and could strengthen our international positioning in Oceanography and Marine Sciences in general.
Beyond these professional considerations, I wish you all in France or on expatriation and on behalf of the entire MIO management team, our best wishes for health and happiness for you and your loved ones. Happy New Year 2020!


Richard Sempéré