The "Young Innovative Doctors 2021" call

18 June 2021

The "Young Innovative Doctors 2021" call is open. The Region wishes to encourage the creation of companies and technology transfer by young doctors by allowing them to benefit from a status, funding and support to mature their project. The regional financing is planned at 75% of the total cost for 12 months of salary (based on 45 000 € annual cost) within the limit of 33 750 € per project. It will be necessary to send a certificate of co-financing of the doctor's salary in case of validation of the project by the Region. Young doctors can apply for this scheme in two parts: -Develop a project of creation of startups in the region, -Develop a project of technology transfer (in connection with the partner company of his thesis or any other company in the region). Return of the files to the administration on Friday, June 4 at noonArbitration in CODIR on Tuesday, June 8.For Toulon: The return of the files to the DIREP is set for Monday, June 14, 2021 at the address . The applications will then be classified during the CoRe of June 24. For AMU: The deadline for returning applications to the DRV is set for no later than: 18/06/2021 at 12 noon. After this date, no applications will be accepted. Applications must be sent electronically to the generic address:

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