RAMAN–CHARPAK FELLOWSHIP 2022 : Indian & French PhD Students and French Masters’ Students

15 mai 2022

The Raman–Charpak Fellowship program is in honour of two Nobel Laureates in Physics, Prof C.V. Raman,
Indian Nobel Laureate (1930) and Prof Georges Charpak, French Nobel Laureate (1992).
The Fellowship was launched during the State visit of the President of France to India during in February, 2013.
The aim is to facilitate the exchange of doctoral students between the two countries, in order to broaden the
scope and depth of future engagements in Science, Technology and Innovation.
The Raman-Charpak Fellowship is the only Indo-French bilateral Fellowship programme jointly funded by the
Department of Science and Technology (DST), Government of India and the French Institute in India (IFI),
French Embassy in India, Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, Government of France.
This programme implemented by the Indo French Centre for Promotion of Advanced Research (IFCPAR/
CEFIPRA) aims at improving the doctoral skills of Indian and French students by providing them an
opportunity to carry out part of their research work in a University / Research & Development Institute based in
France or India respectively.
This programme is now also open to French Master Students, who wish to spend some time in India in
accordance to their curriculum. It aims at improving the Masters skills of French students by providing
them an opportunity to carry out internship work in a University / Research Institute based in India.
The scheme also provides an exposure and experience about the current research methods and trends in
France/India, while discovering each other’s cultural context.

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