PI for the CEM Team : Marc Tedetti

MERMEX PIs : F. Carlotti, J. Tronczynski, M. Pagano, M. Tedetti, L.-E. Heimburger-Boavida ;

CHARMEX PIs : K. Desboeufs, F. Dulac, J. Knoery, A. Bourin


The MERITE-HIPPOCAMPE project (2018-2020) of the INSU MISTRALS "Pollution & Contaminants" Transverse Action aims to evaluate the levels of metallic and organic contamination at the base of pelagic food webs (plankton) under the influence of atmospheric and continental forcing via a north-south trans-Mediterranean approach targeting areas of scientific and economic interest: primary production areas, fishing zones, ecoregions, and urbanized bays. The strategy is based on coupled atmosphere-ocean studies combining observation and modeling.

Research Areas Concerned: sources, transfer mechanisms, and transformation processes of MO, organic and metallic contaminants at the atmosphere/water/plankton interface.


MIO : M. Tedetti, F. Carlotti, M. Pagano, M. Quéméneur, L. Guilloux, D. Malengros, C. Chevalier, V. Rossi, S. Chifflet, L.-E. Heimbürger-Boavida, C. Guigue, S. Jacquet, A. Dufour, R. Sempéré, B. Misson, L. Cabrol, P. Cuny, O. Pringault, M. Thyssen, G. Grégori, D. Banaru.

IFREMER : J. Tronczynski, J. Knoery, N. Briant, B. Thomas, C. Ravel , C. Brach-Papa, F. Galgani,

CEREGE : T. de Garidel,

LSCE : F. Dulac,

LISA : K. Desboeufs,

FSB : A. Sakka Hlaili, N. Daly, N. Makhlouf (Phd), M. Meddeb (post-doc),

IMT Douai : A. Bourin,

INSTM : S. Ben Ismail, C. Sammari, M. Brahim, L. Chouba, M. Belhassen, N. Zaaboub, A. Zouari, I. Boudriga (Phd), M. Mahfoudi,

IRSN : O. Radakovitch,

SEDOO : P. Vert, H. Ferré,

Questions adressed in MERITE-HIPPOCAMPE

  1. The role of atmospheric depositions in the contamination of marine waters?
  2. The role of the different size classes of plankton in the accumulation / transfer of contaminants?
  3. The role of  the trophic interactions in the accumulation / transfer of contaminants?
  4. The link between the habitat characteristics and plankton contamination?



Coupled studies atmosphere-ocean

The Hippocampe transmediterranean oceanographic cruise
(R/V Antea,13 April-14 May 2019) -> 19 stations
Atmospheric deposition time-series in the North (Marseille)
and South (Sfax) Mediterranean (Jan. 2019-June 2020)