SSLA@MM - Sea Waters Sensing Laboratory @MIO Marseille

Starting next spring 2019 !


SSLA@MM, a marine laboratory to monitor chemical and biogeochemical variables, and a nursery for new, innovative, low energy and autonomous technologies for marine environment monitoring.

 Marine pelagic environment is a complex and dynamical ecosystem, either through physical movements triggering biological and chemical distribution at minute scales, or through processes linked to the fast interactions between planktonic microorganisms and their intrinsic cellular physiological activities.

To monitor marine environment and especially its biological and chemical properties, innovative automated sensors are built with the final aim to be deployed on autonomous isolated platforms.

The Sea Water Sensing Laboratory @MIO Marseille will pump sea water in the bay of Marseille (Endoume Marine Station, Marseille) and cutting-edge technologies available at the MIO will follow the natural marine ecosystem.

The SSL@M will also provide ideal bench top conditions with natural continuous available sea water for emerging technologies to be improved. The SSL@M will welcome either scientists and companies that would like to study and consolidate, compare and integrate the information registered by their sensors.


Scientific Committee :

Engineering and technical manager : Olivier Grosso