Aix-Marseille University PhD Prize

  • 2017 - Rémi Amiraux, MEB team - Ice biota degradation in the Arctic environment : impact of bacterial stress state on this material's preservation and burial. Work conducted under the supervision of Patricia Bonin and François Rontani, CNRS researchers assigned to the MIO.
  • 2016 - Aurélie Blanfuné, EMBIO team - Global change in the NW Mediterranean Sea : the fate of forests of Cystoseira and Sargassum, Lithophyllum rims and blooms of Ostreopsis. Work carried out under the direction of Marc Verlaque and Charles-François Boudouresque, teacher-researchers assigned to the MIO.
  • 2014 - Marion Kersalé, OPLC team - Dynamics of meso- and submesoscale oceanic processes from numerical simulations and in situ data. Work carried out under the direction of Anne Petrenko, Andréa Doglioli and Ivan Dekeyser, teacher-researchers, assigned to the MIO.
  • 2014 - Marine Lasbleiz, CEM team - Biogeochemical cycles (Si, C, N, P) in relation to nutritional dynamics of phytoplankton in the iron-fertilized region of Kerguelen. Work carried out under the direction of Bernard Queguiner, teacher-researcher, and Karine Leblanc, CNRS researcher, assigned to the MIO.

Congress Prize of the Doctoral School of Environmental Sciences

      Category Best oral presentation

  • 2018 –  Guillaume Pillot
  • 2014 - Chiara Accola

           Category Best poster

  • 2018 – Guillaume Koenig
  • 2017 – Guillaume Marchessaux

IAPSO: Mar Benavides (MIO/CEM) winner of the 2019 Medal for Emerging Scientist - Ocean Chemical Sciences Section

The IAPSO Early Career Scientist Medal honours Early Career Scientists for their outstanding research in the physical or chemical sciences of the oceans, and for their cooperation in international research. The IAPSO Early Career Scientist Medal is presented by the IAPSO President, every two years, at the biannual IAPSO Assembly, where the Awardee will be expected to give a talk on a scientific topic of their choice. Financial assistance to attend the Assembly will be available.

IAPSO Early Career Scientist Medal recipient 2019 - Chemical ocean science

Dr Mar Benavides, Scientific Researcher at the French National Research Institute for Sustainable Development, Mediterranean Institute of Oceanography, Marseille, France is the recipient of the 2019 IAPSO Early Career Scientist medal in chemical ocean science. This is awarded in recognition of her development of original strategies, integrating disciplines, to introduce a novel and comprehensive oceanographic approach to nitrogen cycling research.

The 2019 Medal will be awarded on Friday July 12, during the IUGG General Assembly which will be held in Montreal, Canada, 8 – 18 , July 2019.

Lisa Tanet: Best poster award at an international conference

Lisa Tanet (MEB team) was awarded the prize for the best poster in the "Spotlight presentation" category at the 20th international symposium on bioluminescence and chemiluminescence held at the Cité des Congrès in Nantes, France, from 28 to 31 May 2018. This congress brought together more than 250 participants and 170 presentations (oral and poster).

BiolumReef, "Coup de cœur" award from the Jacques Rougerie Foundation Institut de France

A thesis student and two researchers from the Mediterranean Institute of Oceanography (MIO/PYTHÉAS, CNRS / University of Toulon / IRD / AMU) - Lisa Tanet, Laurie Casalot and Christian Tamburini - and two architects - François Desruelles (Treex) and Olivier Bocquet (Tangram Lab) - received on Thursday 18 January 2018 at the Institut de France the "coup de cœur" prize from the jury, in the "Innovation and Architecture for the Sea" category, of the Jacques Rougerie Foundation - Institut de France international competition for their BiolumReef project.



Christian TAMBURINI (MIO) and Stéphanie ESCOFFIER (CPPM) received the 2014 Prize from the monthly magazine La Recherche

Stéphanie ESCOFFIER (CPPM) and Christian TAMBURINI (MIO) received on 21 October 2014, at the Musée du Quai Branly in Paris, the 2014 Research Prize from the monthly magazine La Recherche for their work on the use of the ANTARES marine telescope to monitor the movement of deep water bodies via the bioluminescence of abyssal bacteria.

Marion Kersalé receives the Marine Academy Award

Marion Kersalé received the Marine Academy Award on Tuesday, October 14, 2014 at the Military Academy during the Academy's formal back-to-school session, for her thesis Dynamics of oceanic processes of meso- and subméso-scale based on numerical simulations and in situ data.


Charles-François Boudouresque receives the Academy Award 2014

The International Academy of Underwater Sciences and Techniques awarded the 2014 Academy Award (Golden Trident) to Charles-François Boudouresque, Professor Emeritus at the MIO.

The ceremony took place at the University of Bologna (Italy) on 27 September 2014.


Julien Marmain, winner of the Admiral Daveluy Thesis Award

Julien Marmain, who defended his thesis in December 2013 on Coastal circulation in the North-Western Mediterranean: HF radar current measurement and coupling with a digital model, received the Admiral Daveluy thesis prize (official National Navy prize awarded by the Chief of Staff) in the "Engineering sciences" section, on Tuesday 3 June 2014 at 6.30 pm at the CESM premises at the Ecole Militaire (Paris, 7th arrondissement).