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Ecoregionalization in the Mediterranean
The blue shark victim of magnetic hooks
Prony Bay
Mediterranean red coral
Gulf of Gabes - Tunisia
Posidonia meadows
Posidonia meadows
Antares Meust Project
Albino red coral
Eco-regionalization - Baie des Anges - Nice

Marseilles researchers examine the "new sea of sargasso"


Once stranded and decomposing, these brown microalgae release a toxic gas, hydrogen sulfide, which can affect the respiratory tract of humans and animals.

Once located in the North Atlantic, sargasses, toxic brown microalgae, have moved southward between Latin America and Africa. In Marseille, a laboratory is studying this "new sea of sargasso", with worrying environmental consequences, particularly in the West Indies (...)


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Research: an oceanological gateway between Marseille and San Diego

At the initiative of the French Embassy in the United States, a dozen American students belonging to Scripps, the prestigious San Diego Institute of Oceanography, are currently on a study tour in France. With the theme "oceans and climate", this scientific journey organized as part of the Fadex-O*, will take them successively to the Oceanological Observatory of Villefranche-sur-Mer and the Paul Ricard Oceanographic Institute on the island of Embiez, but also to Montpellier, Brest and Paris, to the Natural History Museum. However, one of their most important stopovers remains the Phocaean city, and more particularly the Mediterranean Institute of Oceanography (MIO), on the Luminy campus. (...)


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Sargasso Expeditions: We talk about it!

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