The COSYS-Med International Mixed Laboratory is a research organization created in 2014 for a period of 5 years which brings together Tunisian and French laboratories whose objectives are:

  • Study the impact of contaminants on the functioning and diversity of the coastal food web. Particular attention will be given to the first trophic links (microorganisms) considering their essential role in structuring the entire food web.
  • Describe the dynamics and the different processes of contaminant transformation by biotic (micro- and macroorganisms) and abiotic (photodegradation) pathways, interactions with organic matter
  • Quantify the Sahelian contributions and identify the types of molecules likely to modify equilibria within the pelagic microbial network
  • To define the modes of interactions between contaminants, Sahelian inputs and organisms, from the microbial world to the fish resources and intermediate and higher trophic levels
  • Develop scientific expertise from the collection of the necessary data, to make a diagnosis on the state and fate of biodiversity and ecosystem services in order to offer assistance to the management of aquaculture and fishing activities in the face of a modification of the environment related to contaminant inputs.