PTF SAM Sea Going Facilities, equipment and staff





Technical Managers: Fabrice Garcia & Nagib Bhairy


PTF SAM is equipped with “state of the art” instruments enabling it to provide reliable support to the marine scientific community. A highly skilled and experienced staff provide technical support during oceanic and coastal cruises and assistance for development and adaptation of prototypes.



The available equipment includes 3 Rosette water sampler equipped with CTD911, 5 CTD SBE19+, sediment traps (PPS5), plankton nets, multitube sediment and grab samplers, LISST Sequoia, Underwater Vessel Profiler (UVP), 2 LOPC, Moving Vessel Profiler (MVP), UV-Visible Lines, Glider SeaExplorer (AlseaMar) equipped with HAP probes.

PTF SAM contributes to the Observation projects by maintaining the buoys, drifters and other platforms, ships of opportunity (including commercial ferries) and long time series records of variability (SOLEMIO, SUNMEX, MEUST, ANTARES).

The access is open to local users and externally, through a mid-year biding process. PTF SAM hosts locally some equipment form the Technical Division of INSU (CNRS).