BioSWOT-Med cruise : Interview with François Carlotti

Exploring the links between fine scale structures and zooplankton patchiness


François Carlotti is the leader of BioSWOT-Med’s WP4 “From zooplankton to higher trophic levels”, whose objective is to understand how fine scale oceanic structures may affect the patchiness of metazoan organisms from the smallest (zooplankton) to the largest (cetaceans). Here, he describes the hypothesis under test to explain the distribution of different zooplankton groups in different water masses.


François Carlotti with the zooplankton net aboard R/V L’Atalante


THE RESEARCH THEMES – François Carlotti is a researcher at CNRS and works at the Mediterranean Institute of Oceanography. He is a biological oceanographer with strong interests in the structure and functioning of pelagic marine ecosystems, and their responses to climate forcing and anthropogenic impacts. In the BioSWOT-Med campaign he is the coordinator of WP4 “From zooplankton to higher trophic levels”.


Contact: Tosca Ballerini



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Researchers ready to deploy the zooplankton net at sea