ILC MINKE Workshop


The ILC MINKE workshop took place from November 13 to 17, 2023 at the MIO - Luminy in Marseille. A moment of intense work, fruitful exchanges and conviviality !



MINKE (Metrology for Integrated Marine Management and Knowledge) integrates the main European marine metrology research infrastructures to coordinate their use and development. MINKE offers an innovative "ocean data quality" framework for the various European players responsible for monitoring and managing marine ecosystems.

The main objective of this inter-comparison workshop (ILC) was to improve the measurement of several variables characterising the carbonate system of seawater. To achieve this goal, inter-comparisons of instruments measuring pHT, pO2 were organised within the framework of MINKE.
The sensors were placed in "minicosms" in controlled natural environments (MICROCEAN Container) to establish procedures for good practice from the preparation, deployment and validation of data for FAIR dissemination and scientific exploitation of these data.

Contact : Dominique Lefèvre