Invitation to the DT-INSU Foresight Symposium September 2020

22 September 2020 to 1 October 2020

The DT INSU Foresight Symposium initially scheduled for March 17 and 18 has been postponed to the end of September and will take place in multiplex on 8 sites in the provinces and in the Ile de France region according to the modalities described below and detailed in the Core area of the INSU Foresight:
Please forward this invitation to colleagues representing your unit so that they can register via the attached LimeSurvey link:

The questionnaire for registration must be filled in by 6 September 2020 at the latest to enable us to organise the various workshops and anticipate the logistics on each site.

Organization of the conference :


Given the current crisis context, we decided to organize the conference in multiplex to avoid too large groupings and too long trips, relying on a limited number of connection points, geographically spread over the territory.

The planned meeting sites are the following:
IUEM in Brest for Brittany
OMP in Toulouse for the South/South West
Pytheas / Luminy in Marseille for the South East
OSUL in Lyon : for Auvergne Rhone Alpes (exact location to be confirmed))
ESOT in Strasbourg for the Great East
OSUR for Reunion Island
Meudon Bellevue,

OVSQ at St Quentin en Yvelines

The meeting times are as follows:

- 22 September 9.30-17.00: plenary session: introduction, report on preliminary work, presentation of workshops,....

- Workshops :
* 23 September afternoon: "instrumental parks" led by Catherine Jeandel LEGOS) and Fabien Arnaud (Edytem)
* 24 September morning: "Research infrastructures" workshop led by Jérome Vergne (EOST) and Maryvonne Gerin (LERMA and DAS INSU).
* 25 September morning "Instrumentation" workshop led by Jean Philippe Berger (IPAG) and Cyrille Flamant (LATMOS)
* 25 September afternoon: Workshop "the trades", led by Christelle Rossin (OPGC) and David Le Mignan (LAM)
- 1 October afternoon: Plenary session: report of the workshops and conclusion

In order for this symposium to be held in good conditions, in particular to allow quality exchanges, participation will only be between a limited number of sites (8 sites planned) where participants from one region can be grouped together. Each site will thus bring together between 10 and 20 people in a visio meeting room connected in IP.

The workshops will also take place in multiplex between all the sites with the participants who will have registered. Connections by individual workstation are excluded to ensure sufficiently fluid and interactive exchanges.


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