Prospects of the Institute of Ecology and Environment 2021

12 October 2022 to 14 October 2022

Following the cancellation of the INEE 2021 Prospects which was to be held at the Espace Encan in La Rochelle from December 14 to 16, 2021, we have postponed this event to October 12 to 14, 2022.


These days of reflection will serve to present some of the major advances in research conducted within INEE and especially to define priorities, new disciplines to support, tools to develop, needs in human resources, networks in a horizon close to the year 2025 ...


Following the consultation of the units carried out at the beginning of 2020 and their feedback, the scientific council and the management of INEE have retained the following workshop proposals:

Questions and challenges in ecology and evolution

What is life?
Sex, gender, species and evolution
The past (from ten to one billion years) in the service of the present and the future
Micro- and macroevolution: how can one illuminate the other?
At the frontier between ecology and evolution

The major environmental challenges

Erosion of biodiversity: from perception to action
Pollution and ecosystems
Health and the environment
Agroecology, Food, Environments
Human migration and impacts on the non-human environment

Ecosystems in crisis

Socio-Ecosystems in crisis: the urban environment, the coastline
The Poles
Feedback of ecosystem functioning at the regional scale to global functioning

Methodological challenges and their tools

Remote observation: challenges and issues
Data, after acquisition
High-speed phenotyping

Science and society: from knowledge to action

Global approach to ethics in the relationship between society and nature
Co-construction of knowledge
Dissemination and promotion of the scientific method and science


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