OMICS - Bioinformatics and Genomics Plateform




Responsibles : Fabrice Armougom and Sonia Bouchard



OMICS is a platform that applies its analytical expertise in Molecular Biology and Bioinformatics to the taxonomic characterization of prokaryotes in marine ecosystems.

The Molecular Biology part of OMICS offers the MIO scientific community access to equipment and protocols for the extraction, amplification and control of nucleic acids (DNA and/or RNA) with a view to sequencing prokaryotic communities based on the 16S ribosomal DNA gene. It is also conceivable that these studies could be carried out entirely by the platform's staff, whether for projects run by MIO scientists or other public or private research organizations.

The Bioinformatics part of OMICS offers the MIO scientific community, both public and private, expert analyses in digital ecology through the characterization of ecosystem biodiversity via high-speed sequencing. In addition to these expert analyses, bioinformatics training programs are regularly offered and open to the scientific community.