Radioactivity Service


Technical manager : Marc Garel


RADIOACTIVITY Service provides specific lab spaces that are devoted to radio-element manipulation and storage rooms for nuclear waste under ASN authority (Autorité de Sûreté Nucléaire).

The users manipulate classical isotopes to measure the potential absorption of biogenic elements (14C for primary production, 33P for phosphorus absorption, 32Si for silicium absorption and 3H for bacterial production). Other isotopes such as 35S and 55Fe can also be used on request.

Access is controlled and required a radio-protection certificate from ASN. Because of these constraints, this PTF is only open to MIO members.

The equipment includes the following:

  • Liquid scintillation counter Tricarb A2910 Perkin Elmer with sealed source 133Ba
  • Liquid scintillation Hidex 300 SL
  • Liquid scintillation Hidex 300 SLL with an automatic sampler
  • Liquid scintillation Triatler for fieldwork