EMSO-WL / BathyCruise

EMSO-WL/BathyCruise mission

EMSO-WL - A multidisciplinary research base

EMSO-WL is an underwater observatory located at 2500m in the Mediterranean Sea, 40 km south of Toulon. It is part of the European network of underwater observatories for the environment EMSO-ERIC (European Multidisciplinary Subsea Observatory - European Research Infrastructure Consortium). The site hosts long-term multidisciplinary projects (longer than 12 years) which mainly aim to understand the impact of global warming on the European oceans.


BathyBot - A remotely controled benthic robot 

EMSO-WL/BathyCruise mission takes place between January 31 and February 14, 2022 aboard the oceanographic vessel the Pourquoi pas? operated by Ifremer. The goal of this mission is to deploy new observation devices in addition to the ALBATROSS line and the MII (Instrumented Interface Module) already in place. Among the novelties, BathyBot, an underwater robot which will join the observatory site at 2500m deep for several years. BathyBot will ensure the role of an investigator in the depths for the researchers by providing biological and environmental analyses. Equipped with sensors and cameras, he will make it possible to study biogeochemical dynamics and biodiversity. Thanks to a hypersensitive camera, BathyBot will in particular take interest in bioluminescence for a better understanding of the deep sea environment.

On the ocean floor, BathyBot will be connected to the SJB (Scientific Junction Box, developed by Ifremer) whose role is to supply energy and an internet connection to the instruments of the site. The SJB is hosted by the KM3NeT neutrino telescope infrastructure set up by the LSPM.

BathyBot will join the bottom with BathyReef, an artificial reef, biomimetically inspired by Lab Rougerie+Tangram and manufactured by Vicat, whose colonization he will follow.

You can follow BathyBot's discoveries thanks to his Twitter account @BathyBot on which he shares the latest updates of his missions with his followers.