Mistrals : IMPACTCC Spring school 2019

The spring school of the transverse action IMPACTCC from MISTRALS will take place between the 1st and 5th of April in Banyuls-sur-mer (66650). It will be about « Climate models and downscaling methods for climate change impacts studies ». During this week, participants will benefit from a theory part with courses/seminars and also practical exercices with the software R.


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Ocean acidification: consequences on ecosystems and human activities

What is ocean acidification? What are the potential consequences for economic activities? How to react? These are the questions that will be addressed during the round tables, which will bring together scientists, professional actors and associations.

This symposium will be based on field experiments and the results of scientific projects funded by the Ministry of the Environment under the "Acidification of the Oceans" programme.

Second Mediterranean Congress of Biotechnology - MCB 2


The Second Mediterranean Congress of Biotechnology will be held in Yasmine Hammamet from 16 to 20 March 2019.

GreenEdge and the Gordon Conference

Shedding Light on the Physical, Biogeochemical and Human Dimensions of Connectivity in Changing Polar Seas

As mentioned in an email this summer, we would like to hold the upcoming GreenEdge annual science meeting as side meeting to the Gordon Research Conference on Polar marine science in Tuscany (Italy) from 17-22 March 2019.

The Agenda of the 2021 Aix-Marseille University European Conference is online!

The interactions between marine sciences, public policies and society will be the subject of the second European conference of Aix-Marseille University on June 16, 2021 from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, under the high patronage of Mrs. Maria da Graça Carvalho, European Deputy. The Scientific Coordinator is Prof.

SDM master students in immersion at IFREMER

A week of immersion at IFREMER for the students of the Master of Marine Sciences of the University of Toulon using the advanced equipment of the laboratory Mediterranean Institute of Oceanography MIO and IFREMER to perform sampling and analysis off Toulon.

PERLE-4 cruise (27 march-29 April 2021)

Four researchers and engineers from MIO are part of the scientific crew of the PERLE 4 cruise. The PERLE programme ('Pelagic Ecosystem Response to dense water formation in the Levant Experiment - MISTRALS MERMEX project), and aims to describe the formation and dispersion of Intermediate Levantine Waters (LIW) in the Mediterranean Sea. Indeed, these LIW, formed in the eastern basin, represent the only water mass common to the whole Mediterranean and play a key role for the general circulation, the redistribution of nutrients and the dynamics and planktonic communities.

The French oceanographic fleet at the service of research

As one of the three largest European fleets, the French oceanographic fleet, at the service of research, is going to get a new look.

From the depths to the ocean-atmosphere interaction, the French oceanographic fleet has been contributing for 50 years to better respond to the major challenges of today's marine sciences and technologies. Ifremer1, which manages this fleet, has just unveiled its new 2035 roadmap to ensure its modernization and renewal.

Four deep-sea vessels and more

Ifremer and IRD consolidate their cooperation in marine research

On March 19, 2021, Ifremer and IRD signed a five-year framework agreement. It aims to strengthen the positioning of marine research for development in France, in the Overseas Territories, in Europe and internationally, and to consolidate cooperation to promote sustainable solutions.

OSU PYTHEAS: Hats off to our CNRS medalists

A nice harvest of medals from the CNRS has rewarded our researchers this year, honouring the excellence of their work and thus of our laboratories.

Congratulations to :

Guilaine Lagache, LAM

Guilaine LAGACHE of the Laboratory of Astrophysics of Marseille (LAM - Aix-Marseille University/Centre national d'études spatiales/CNRS) - Delegation Provence and Corsica Silver Medal.

The silver medal distinguishes researchers for the originality, quality and importance of their work, recognized on the national and international level.

As well as to :